What is eff-fill

What is eff-fill?

eff-fill stands for:

eff-fill overview


Calculates the correct price
for your eff-fill project

After analysis, a price is drawn up.

icon measure


Collects valuable master data

This can be done in two ways: by linking the part to a container or by measuring the dimensions of the part.


icon box optimize

Box optimize

Determines the appropriate
container type

If you work with the dimensions, I can determine the suitable container type with this tool.


icon organize


Simulates an efficient warehouse filling

Based on the collected data, I can virtually fill the future warehouse in advance according to certain strategies. The data that emerges from this exercise ensures that we can fill the new warehouse as efficiently and quickly as possible.

icon control


Checks the warehouse filling

Verifies the filling in the new warehouse


icon measure


Analysis, advice, assistance, additional calculations and possible help

I share my experience with the customer – more than 20 years of experience as a warehouse operator and experience with more than 30 projects / over 150,000 parts in filling warehouses.

icon coordinate


Coordinates an efficient initial filling or relocation of the warehouse

Coordination and assistance on site during the relocation process. I do not have any people to help, but I can help manage
the staff.


icon control


Compiles all data arising from
your project

All the data, neatly collected.

Suitable for all warehouses and all brands of vertical lift systems, horizontal carrousel systems, LR35 and traditional shelf warehouses.