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Project 2022-02: Dertec

Machine: 4 x Kardex Shuttle
Software: Kardex Power Pick Global

Testimonial: Dertec

The Dutch company Dertec develops stainless steel gearboxes, electric motors and hygienic parts for the food processing industry. The applications are built into processing lines for meat, vegetables and fruit. When the company moved to a brand-new building at the end of 2021, the entire contents of the warehouse had to be moved to 4 new Kardex storage systems in a way that would allow efficient operation afterwards. With the help of eff-fill, developed by Jan De Graeve, the move was a real a success story.

Project details

date 2022-02
  • 4 x Kardex Shuttle controlled by Kardex Power Pick Global software

“We quickly understood that we would need outside knowledge and experience in order to avoid a lot of puzzle-work, downtime and chaos,” says Martijn Noest, CEO and owner of Dertec. “Jan came on site to estimate the workload. Based on measurements and a list of our minimum and maximum stocks, he calculated the most efficient warehouse filling with his eff-fill software. At the time of the move itself, we were 100% prepared. Our employees only had to collect the parts from the old warehouse and put them in their correct place in the new warehouse. All the instructions for this could be found on the handy labels that Jan had prepared. The first day, he came by to help us get started. He also gave clear instructions for processing all data in eff-fill Control, so that it could be correctly linked to our ERP system. That also went very smoothly.”


Noest is satisfied with the collaboration with Jan De Graeve, whom he describes as someone who “thinks along with you, and is friendly and creative”. “Jan was also not afraid to make an extra effort at times when it suited us best. Together with our team, he provided the right solution.”

Project details

Datum 2022-02
4 x Kardex Shuttle controlled by Kardex Power Pick Global software