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Project 2022-06: Staiger

Machine: 2 x Kardex Shuttle
Software: Kardex Power Pick Global

Testimonial: Staiger

Staiger is a German manufacturer of valves, microvalves and fluid systems for household appliances, professional printing presses and medical applications. According to Head of Logistics Daniel Autenrieth, working with Jan De Graeve for the relocation of their warehouse resulted in time savings and capacity efficiency.

Project details

date 2022-06
  • 2 x Kardex Shuttle controlled by Kardex Power Pick Global

“When we replaced our old warehouse system with two Kardex Shuttle machines (VLM), the question arose as to how we could quickly replace all parts and migrate the data to the new software smoothly. Jan came up with a solution that turned out to be highly efficient.


Because our previous warehouse was already automated, all the parts had already been put in boxes. So we didn’t have to move them separately, but could simply take the boxes out of the system and place them in the new drawers. Jan calculated the most efficient filling and supplied us with pre-printed labels in the correct picking order. All we had to do was pick boxes, apply labels and load the boxes – a very simple and straightforward process. Afterwards, Jan also imported the data from the old system into the software of the new warehouse without errors, so our warehouse was fully operational again in no time.


We are very satisfied with how it all went and would certainly want to work with Jan again. In fact, he has already done a preliminary capacity calculation which we plan to use as a basis for selecting our next machine.”

Project details

Datum 2022-06
2 x Kardex Shuttle controlled by Kardex Power Pick Global