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Project 2022-09: Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V.

Machine: 4 x Kardex
Software: Kardex Power Pick System

Testimonial: Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V.

Dutch company Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V. is a global specialist in flow solutions for laboratories, machinery, and industry. After acquiring four Kardex warehouse systems for their facility in Ruurlo to create more vertical storage space, they engaged eff-fill specialist Jan De Graeve for a quick and smooth relocation.

Project details

date 2022-09
  • 4 x Kardex and Kardex Power Pick System software

Mike Holweg and Wouter Huiskamp said, “We internally agreed not to reinvent the wheel. So, six months before the move, we discussed our plans with Jan. He advised us on how detailed our inventory should be for optimal use of the new warehouse, allowing us to work efficiently. In a follow-up meeting with Jan, we addressed the last questions and pain points. Jan’s clear explanation of his virtual warehouse filling inspired confidence: after six months of preparation, we were ready.


The move was thoroughly discussed with the warehouse team in advance. Each filled drawer was carefully checked. With Jan’s eff-fill software and support from the Kardex IT team, the new data was flawlessly uploaded into our management software. The synergy between Jan and Kardex was excellent. We all worked long days, but the job was done in four days.


If I could give one tip: gather your warehouse data before acquiring a new system and involve Jan early on. This allows you to calculate the required storage capacity beforehand and avoid purchasing too many drawers! Jan has a lot of expertise and is creative in finding solutions. His enthusiasm is contagious, and working with him is very pleasant.”

Project details

Datum 2022-09
4 x Kardex and Kardex Power Pick System software