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Project 2022-10: De Wild

Machine: 1 x Kardex
Software: Kardex Power Pick System

Testimonial: De Wild

De Wild is a technical wholesaler in Roosendaal (NL), specialised in garden machines and tools. The company manufactures its own product lines and works with a worldwide network of dealers. To optimise storage in the parts warehouse of their new building, they decided to call in Jan De Graeve.

Project details

date 2022-10
  • 1 x Kardex
  • Kardex Power Pick System software

Robbie Broeren, Warehouse Manager: “It was Kardex, the supplier of the new warehouse lift, that recommended Jan De Graeve’s warehouse services to us. From the very first meeting, we were impressed by his expert knowledge, which convinced us of his professionalism. We realised that we could use his expertise to stock our inventory more efficiently.


Jan gave us detailed instructions on what information to provide and how to do it. After some fine-tuning, we received an action plan and labels to ensure that the parts could be transferred to the new warehouse storage in a systematic way. We spent the first two days removing the parts from the old racks, so that we could load up the new system on the third day. Jan was there to assist us with that.


Our move went quickly and smoothly. Jan’s expertise and clear communication saved us a lot of work. Even if at first, here and there, a box occasionally wound up in the wrong place, these teething problems have now been resolved and we’re certainly experiencing the benefits of the new lift.”

Project details

Datum 2022-10
1 x Kardex
Kardex Power Pick System software