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Project 2021-10: JBT Food & Dairy Systems

Machine: 3 x Kardex Shuttle XP 500
Software: Kardex Power Pick Global

Testimonial: JBT Food & Dairy Systems

JBT Corporation develops and produces high-tech systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries. When switching from semi-automated to fully automated warehouse management, the Dutch division of the company was forced to reorganise its Kardex warehouse systems. They called upon the services of Jan De Graeve for this. Operational Spare Parts Manager Marc Stikvoort explains why. 

Project details

date 2021-10
  • 3 x Kardex Shuttle XP 500 controlled by Kardex Power Pick Global

“It was impossible to manually assign all parts to new locations. Jan De Graeve has developed software that calculates which type of locations are required and how stock can be stored there as efficiently as possible. These calculations are based on stock inventory lists and the results of the 3D measurement of all parts. We received a proposal from Jan for the layout of the trays, ordered our layout material and started preparing all the trays. Under Jan’s guidance, we then emptied our old warehouse and filled the new system in two and a half days.

Although it was an intensive process that I would not immediately want to go through again, I am very satisfied with the collaboration with Jan. He is kind, precise and capable and I would highly recommend him.”

Project details

Datum 2021-10
3 x Kardex Shuttle XP 500 controlled by Kardex Power Pick Global