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Project 2021-05: Stadtwerke Schorndorf

Machine: 2 x Kardex Shuttle
Software: Kardex Power Pick Global

Project 2021-05

Stadtwerke Schorndorf is the regional water and energy supplier for the German city of Schorndorf. The organisation ensures the sustainable availability of water, gas and electricity for residents, as well as internet, solar panels and e-mobility. When it was time to put two new warehouse systems in their new storage space into use, they called on the software and services of eff-fill.

Project details

date 2021-05
  • 2 x Kardex Shuttle controlled by Kardex Power Pick Global

Dorota Müller, purchasing manager: “Since the available storage space was relatively limited, we felt it was important to make optimal use of all capacity from the start. Kardex, the supplier of our warehouse systems, recommended the services of Jan De Graeve to us. And he has certainly helped us a lot with optimally storing all the parts. Using his specialised software program eff-fill, he calculated the ideal location in the warehouse for each part based on the part’s dimensions.


Jan worked very independently and thought along with us to find the best solution for our specific situation. He is highly skilled in his profession, very helpful and also quite pleasant to work with. Thanks to his intelligent storage system, it is now very easy to find all the parts and we even have space left over in our warehouse for new parts. Our collaboration has delivered exactly the result we had in mind and I would definitely recommend working with Jan to anyone who is installing a new warehouse or relocating an existing one.”

Project details

Datum 2021-05
2 x Kardex Shuttle controlled by Kardex Power Pick Global

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