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Project 2021-05: Hapam

Machine: 3 x Kardex Shuttle XP 500
Software: Kardex Power Pick Global

Testimonial: Hapam

The Dutch company HAPAM BV is a producer of high voltage switchgear. When the company bought 3 new shuttle systems for its intermediate warehouse, it was decided at a very early stage to drastically shorten the implementation period for the new warehouse system by working with Jan De Graeve and his eff-fill tool.

Project details

date 2021-05
  • 3 x Kardex Shuttle XP 500 controlled by Kardex Power Pick Global

Jochen Koelewijn, Operations Manager: “We once filled a dual lift module with 600 unique items. That took us so long that when we purchased the new shuttles, in which even more pieces had to be accommodated, we immediately decided to look for an alternative solution. We came to Jan De Graeve through the supplier of the warehouse system.


At the start, we sent all available information digitally so that Jan could get a good sense of the stocks. Fortunately, we were able to extract a lot of data directly from our own management package. The first milestone in the process was measuring the items. Based on this, Jan advised us exactly which and how many plastic trays we needed for storing the items. The most efficient filling was calculated using the eff-fill software.”


This was followed by two days of physical relocation of the warehouse. “Good preparation with eff-fill has saved us months of start-up troubles. The only issue we encountered is that some drawers went over their maximum weight limits. But I’ve heard that Jan has developed a solution for this and now also offers the option of not only measuring pieces in advance, but also weighing them so that the use of space in the warehouse system can be even better optimised.


The entire process has once again shown how important good stock management is. The less your stock management is under control, the more complex a warehouse transfer becomes. If you put shit in it, shit comes out. In that respect, a collaboration with Jan will also be an eye-opener for many companies and a fresh, new start to approach their stock management more professionally from then on.”


The last milestone in the relocation process was that Jan communicated all the data from the new warehouse with the software. “The physical move was completed on Friday, and we had a perfectly running system on Monday. Anticipating a move like that gives you a lot of worries, so that was a great relief. I would certainly recommend a collaboration with Jan De Graeve to everyone.”

Project details

Datum 2021-05
3 x Kardex Shuttle XP 500 controlled by Kardex Power Pick Global