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Testimonial: Niverplast

Testimonial Niverplast

Niverplast, a Netherlands-based company specializing in automated packaging lines for the food industry, has a team of 280 and 35 years in part production and machine assembly, with roughly 80% of their products exported. To overcome internal logistic hurdles, they invested in a Kardex warehouse system and sought Jan De Graeve’s expertise for effective implementation.

Project details

date 2022-12
  • 2 x Kardex and Kardex Power Pick System software

Pelle de Jong remarked, “Our original plan was to use Jan De Graeve’s eff-fill software for setting up the new warehouse system. But after our internal project leader departed, we lacked someone with the know-how to smartly layout a modern warehouse. It made sense to consult someone seasoned in warehouse configurations. Through various discussions and data preparations with Jan, we successfully relocated all parts in just two days.


This endeavor turned out to be a triumph. We gained valuable insights into efficient warehouse management throughout the process, knowledge that will be beneficial moving forward. The collaboration with Jan was definitely worthwhile – I would suggest his services to anyone lacking experience in optimizing warehouse space, as it’s a real time-saver.”

Project details

Datum 2022-12
2 x Kardex and Kardex Power Pick System software